Beatrice S.

Last August, my husband, Thad, and I came to you for some pieces to mark our tenth anniversary and the renewing of our wedding vows. We brought you a few bits and pieces and you turned them into an amazingly beautiful piece of jewelry that will be in our family for a long time to come. The workmanship is fantastic but is surpassed by the service we received. The respect with which you treated us was wonderful and greatly appreciated. We didn’t feel like small fish in a big pond. Though we did not present you with a large order you presented us with grand results. I cannot say enough about the quality and service that you gave us. You made a treasured day and a treasured piece of jewelry that much more so! When someone asks, “Do you know a great jeweler?” Barker Diamond will be the first name off my tongue.

Thank you again. God bless.

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