Our Commitment to Safety & Health During the Covid-19 Pandemic


We promise to:


Be symptom free.

Wash our hands regularly, always before and after your visit.

Wear a face mask in your presence.

Wipe down and/or disinfect the area

you came in contact with.

Wipe down door handles, inside and out, after every client visit.

Maintain a safe distance

but remain socially connected.

Treat you as family.

No sale is worth endangering the people we care about,

and we care about you! 

We humbly request that you:


Be symptom free.

Wear a face mask in our store, which we can provide.

Use our hand sanitizer before beginning each appointment.

Maintain a safe distance

 but remain socially connected.

Be mindful of all points of touch and contact.

Thank you,

Randy, Lorraine, and Mia

Our committment adheres to CDC protocols, the Tennessee Pledge and the requirements 

and guidelines of the Metro Public Health Department.